Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things Lately; My Birthday Weekend

I've been having a terrible headache all day, so I'll keep it brief, but I didn't want to put off posting some photo highlights from my birthday weekend, and the debut of our newest family member, George Michael.

He's an all black mini rex. This photo was taken a week ago when he was eight weeks old. He will only get slightly larger if he's a true mini. Right now, he's only a little bit bigger, still fits in two hands. He should only get up to 4 pounds. 

He is as soft and velvety has he looks! He feels like warm down feathers. If you've ever felt agora, this is basically the living version (except a different breed). 

Jeff was in town, so we did a little downtowning. 

I've been wanting to check out the Farmer's Market on Saturday at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. So glad we finally did! This row of tents is only the prepared foods tents. There are tons off fresh flowers, produce, nuts, and fine dining ingredients beyond these and in the front of the building. 
We enjoyed a crab cake sandwich (above) and an oyster po' boy (below). Both were exceptional and cooked to perfection. I think my favorite was the oyster, but the crab cake was the best I've ever had with a great crab to filling ratio. If you're in SF on a Saturday, this market is a foodie's delight! 

After the market, we met up with my uncle and his family, sans Abby, at the Alameda County Fair. We brought George Michael home from the fair, as he was a gift from my uncle and his family.
I kind of want to get a bubble gun too, for the girls...

My cousins are getting so big, yet I still feel the same! Haha! Sammy got a little grey bun too, but I didn't get a photo op. Maybe once our boys are neutered, we can have play dates. (Unaltered boys will fight, in case you're wondering why getting them fixed would matter if they are the same gender.)

Finally, these are not from my birthday weekend, but from yesterday at my friend, Melody's birthday picnic. The food and company were fantastic, and so were the views for a brief period. Just wish it was warmer! Views from Kirby Cove. I am determined to camp here, by the way. This view is directly across from the gorgeous SF skyline, just on the other side of the Golden Gate. I don't care if it's cold, camping will happen here!

All of these photos were taken on my new camera, the Olympus E-PL1, my official birthday present from Jeff. I'm still getting used to it because functionally, it's a step down, but I am very pleased with the photo quality and it's exactly what I've been wanting for the last two years for its convenient size and HD video. (This camera came out about a month after I bought my DSLR, in case you've kept tabs on my camera gear purchases.) Hopefully, the accessibility of the camera will give me more material to post, although I'm fairly low key these days!


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