Monday, December 21, 2009

DIY {Monogram Canvas Bag}

I've been  itching to try something with a blank canvas bag. This project from ashleyannphotograhy is perfect. Canvas bags are sturdy and versatile. Here's a personalized bag that was both easy and inexpensive to make. 
What you need--all available at Michael's:
1. Large canvas tote ($6 at Michael's 18" x 13" x 4")
2. Large Paper doily
3. Fabric paint, small brush
4. Repositionable spray adhesive (Krylon Easy-tack Reprositionable Adhesive)
5. Freezer paper (grocery store, not wax paper, FREEZER paper)
6. Razor blade.

 Begin by spraying the back of the doily and positioning it on your bag, you can place it anywhere, I like the bottom corner. Then paint over the holes of the doily.
Lift the doily off before the paint dries, if pieces stick or break off, just use tweezers to peel off the small bits.
Set aside to dry while you make the letter.  For the letter, I selected a size and font on my computer and printed it out. Next, I traced the letter onto the freezer paper, waxy side down, paper side up.
Use the razor blade to cut out the letter. Remember to put some cardboard under your surface before cutting. It helps to tape the edges down, too.
Position your letter stencil on your bag, iron it down and paint in the letter.
Peel of the freezer paper before the paint dries and fix in small bleed marks. After the paint dries, iron over the design lightly to set it.

This makes a great gift, I'm using mine as a knitting bag, and giving one to my aunt Winnie to use for groceries or whatever she wants. If I weren't traveling with this gift, I would fill it with fruit or supplies for hobbies (E.g: a gardening supplies for a plant enthusiast)

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