Friday, February 3, 2012


I made a trip back to S.Cal last weekend and got to meet the newest addition to my family. Aria is my cousin's third daughter and just as precious as her older sisters. 

How cool are those eyes?! They're an interesting steel titanium color right now.

I can't resist little feet...and fingers.
Just like my cousin can't resist tutus! Aren't these cute?!
The only good photo I got of the siblings together. As if one baby isn't hard enough, try coordinating with a toddler!

Separate is easier.

Big sister, Allie, gave me some practice while Aria was occupied.
It's really interesting watching Allie grow and have her own personality. I think Aria will be right between her sisters in temperament--as in, she will have an opinion, but not be forceful about it.

Don't grow up too fast, Aria! And visit your grandparents often so I can see you too!
Congratulations, Nhu and Quang!!!

View the full album here.


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