Sunday, January 22, 2012

My New Place

I'm finally just about all unpacked and I just got internet. My new apartment was furnished by Ikea. Basically everything you see is from the latest Ikea catalogue. The main living area is just under 240 sq ft. There's a small bathroom, about 30 sq ft. or less, not pictures, and a walkin closest about 6-9 sq ft. also not pictures. So without further adieu here's my new place.

Hallway in both  directions

Bed area during day. 
Bed frame, bedspread, lights, ledge, picture, and rug are Ikea, the grey sheets are Target.
Bed area at night
 Window area before
 Window area after
The chair is a twin size bed from Ikea. The cover is just fabric from Ikea. The floor lamp and shelf, you guested it, Ikea. And the painting on the shelf was a gift by my talented friend Nicole.
Work station. 
Left drawer holds make up, right drawer holds office stuff. This area gets great natural light, so I do my make up here.
Desk, chair, magazine racks, mirror, clock from Ikea. I love this desk, btw. Notice, no cords, that's because they're hidden by a cord ledge in the back of the desk! (I fixed the hanging cord after I took the picture)
I will be blowing up one of my photos for over the desk, just have to narrow down the right one.
For the food situation, I mentioned earlier, Olga got me a food delivery for produce and fruit. The picture above on the left and the eggs below is what they delivered at the perfect time- just as we arrived at my new place.

As for the rest of my grocery needs, Safeway delivery is really inexpensive and oh so convenient!

There's really been no time to adjust, just start living. I had a pretty busy first week of work, and I've been doing a ton of walking since I live nine blocks from work. So except for missing the Surely, Maeby, and Jeff a lot, I love being here! 


Olga says:
at: January 22, 2012 at 3:31 PM said...

I love that chair cover! And YAY for Safeway delivery!!!

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