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So I've been thinking long and hard the last three months about what I want to say, and how to say it. Not to be dramatic in my build up, but so many things have changed for us in the last three months that my plans just kept changing, and continue to do so. I'll save that for another post. Not to be dramatic or anything!

Last weekend, like many weekends in SF, we spent a gorgeous, sunny Saturday walking to the Embarcadero to get breakfast at the Farmer's Market. We got a late start, so our favorite seafood booth was closed, but we found a satisfying substitute. 
(Above) Kimchee Fried Rice with Farm Fresh Egg and (Below) Korean BBQ Fries.
Like many weekends at the Farmer's Market, we sat along the pier enjoying our breakfast, enjoying the people watching, enjoying the random music (this time a cellist), and enjoying each other. 

Like many weekends in SF, after we finished our hearty breakfast, we walked back up Market Street open to other cool treats the city has to offer.

This time it was creme brulee from the Creme Brulee Cart
(Left) Bailey's Irish Creme, (Right) Nutella and Strawberries
Upon returning home, this time, unlike many weekend spent in SF, we stayed home. For the last couple weeks, we've been in the moving cross state process (for the second time in as many years). Like I said, things having been changing quickly for us. Jeff finally got a transfer to SF. So, unlike many other weekends spent in SF, we didn't have to think about remembering to check in to Southwest on Sunday, or what we are doing in our separate lives on Monday.  Instead, last weekend, unlike the many weekends we spent in SF before, we just enjoyed our time. No expirations, no deadlines, no counting down until the next visit. 

Just here. Now. No end in sight. 

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Labor Day Weekend {SF Hike}

On Labor Day we took a little hike through the City. We headed northeast through Nob Hill to North Beach and Telegraph Hill.

Leaving my hood.

Through the edge of Chinatown

To North Beach.

 To get the views from Telegraph Hill.

After that, we headed north to Pier 39 and the Wharf for our favorite tourist spot and some fresh seafood. 

 A flashback from my youth, the Crystal Geyser Center Stage performance, 

and the barking seal lions of the pier.

One of the least windy photos I could get

We had lunch at Pier Market. Some delicious steamed clams in a wine butter garlic broth, 

and a half crab baked with garlic butter. (Jeff had a crab melt, not pictured)

A view of the pier and Telegraph Hill in the back.

 We went through the Wharf to head back to my house, but not before we tried to get some pet supplies from a local pet store, which was closed...

All in all, it was a great day for a hike through the hills of SF. Here's a map of the route we took.  It's a good thing I love walking.

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Labor Day Weekend {Foods of Mission and Japantown}

A little appeteaser for all the food porn to follow. 

We went to Japantown and Mission before and after dropping off the rental car. The photo above is some delicious braised pork belly from a ramen house.
Jeff, always a purist, went with the shio ramen. 

 I was craving something more substantial since we passed on Japanese BBQ for ramen, so I went with the curry ramen. Both were made with fresh noodles and tasted light and delicate, even with the curry. It made us both fantasize about our next trip to Japan. 

After dropping off the car, we went to the Mission specifically seeking Bi-Rite ice cream as neither of us have had it. We were tired from the previous two days, so we slowed down for some cherry pie from Delfina Pizzeria. This is one of the best pizzas I've ever had. 
The dough was so light and airy and the ingredients (cherry tomatoes, basil, ricotta, and EVOO) were so fresh that it was intensely flavorful.
I rarely ever eat more than two slices, since pizza is not my favorite food, but I easily ate three and left feeling great. (Opposed to heavy, tired and gross, which is what I normally feel like after eating pizza)

After lunch, we continued down the street to Bi-Rite creamery for some very buzzed about ice cream. 
So buzzed, here is the line. 

And the rest of it. 

Turns out the line was good because it gave us an hour to digest the pizza before our ice cream, but was it worth the wait? Well the salted caramel, the most popular flavor, was too burnt for my liking. I like my caramel sweeter, this had a bit of smokiness to it and tasted too bitter for me. The brown sugar was very tasty, but it was barely discernible from vanilla and the ginger caramel swirls were too subtle to be added to the description, however I really liked this flavor. The roasted banana is, hands down, my favorite. I have tried so many banana ice creams that have failed miserably, some tasting like artificial bubble gum and some only vanilla with chunks of banana in it. This creation from Bi-Rite did right by its main ingredient and made the banana the star. 
Final verdict: pretty good ice cream, but definitely not worth an hour long wait.
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Labor Day Weekend {Napa}

So this post title is a little misleading. During Jeff's visit over Labor Day, we did do to Napa, but this is the only photo we took at the winery. 

Moving along, here are the photos we took on our way to and from Napa and some of the fabulous things we ate.
Awesome mural in North Beach on the way to the GG Bridge. 

Gotta have Gott's in Napa. I knew we would be having Umami for dinner so I opted for the poke tacos, but after the carnival food from Santa Cruz the day before, I could only finish two and some rings and fries. 

Jeff still went for the Western Bacon Blue Ring burger.

Best rings and garlic fries ever. The fries are very garlic because they are tossed in garlic butter and parsley. So freaking good!

A sweet treat to cleanse my palette after the super garlicy fries. Black cyprus salted caramels.

The fog cleared in the afternoon so Jeff snagged a picture of the city on the GG.

Still stuffed, Jeff and I split the Black & Blue burger at Umami. Medium rare burger with prosciutto, black mission figs, and blue cheese. 

UPDATE: On our way back to SF from Napa, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand (it was more of a small market). In addition to fresh produce, they also had grains, nuts and candy. I bought some bulgar and made it sweet with cinnamon, plums and a dash of milk. I think it'll be even better if I steep some tea in the water with the sugar before mixing in the dry bulgar.

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Labor Day Weekend {Santa Cruz}

Jeff came to SF for Labor Day weekend and we enjoyed the very last of summer together. On Friday, we spent the afternoon in Santa Cruz. Is there any view more nostalgic or more reminiscent of young summer romance than roller coasters on the beach?

This was Jeff's first time to the Boardwalk. I remember spending many nice summer days here throughout my youth. Living in San Jose, this was the main beach we would visit for a frolic in the sea.

One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood at the Boardwalk is the carousel, on which you can grab a ring from a jutting stick and throw it at a giant clown's mouth. Sounds creepy, but it was, and still is, the most interesting carousel I've been on. 

It was a beautiful day on the Boardwalk.  

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