Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend {Napa}

So this post title is a little misleading. During Jeff's visit over Labor Day, we did do to Napa, but this is the only photo we took at the winery. 

Moving along, here are the photos we took on our way to and from Napa and some of the fabulous things we ate.
Awesome mural in North Beach on the way to the GG Bridge. 

Gotta have Gott's in Napa. I knew we would be having Umami for dinner so I opted for the poke tacos, but after the carnival food from Santa Cruz the day before, I could only finish two and some rings and fries. 

Jeff still went for the Western Bacon Blue Ring burger.

Best rings and garlic fries ever. The fries are very garlic because they are tossed in garlic butter and parsley. So freaking good!

A sweet treat to cleanse my palette after the super garlicy fries. Black cyprus salted caramels.

The fog cleared in the afternoon so Jeff snagged a picture of the city on the GG.

Still stuffed, Jeff and I split the Black & Blue burger at Umami. Medium rare burger with prosciutto, black mission figs, and blue cheese. 

UPDATE: On our way back to SF from Napa, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand (it was more of a small market). In addition to fresh produce, they also had grains, nuts and candy. I bought some bulgar and made it sweet with cinnamon, plums and a dash of milk. I think it'll be even better if I steep some tea in the water with the sugar before mixing in the dry bulgar.


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