Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend {SF Hike}

On Labor Day we took a little hike through the City. We headed northeast through Nob Hill to North Beach and Telegraph Hill.

Leaving my hood.

Through the edge of Chinatown

To North Beach.

 To get the views from Telegraph Hill.

After that, we headed north to Pier 39 and the Wharf for our favorite tourist spot and some fresh seafood. 

 A flashback from my youth, the Crystal Geyser Center Stage performance, 

and the barking seal lions of the pier.

One of the least windy photos I could get

We had lunch at Pier Market. Some delicious steamed clams in a wine butter garlic broth, 

and a half crab baked with garlic butter. (Jeff had a crab melt, not pictured)

A view of the pier and Telegraph Hill in the back.

 We went through the Wharf to head back to my house, but not before we tried to get some pet supplies from a local pet store, which was closed...

All in all, it was a great day for a hike through the hills of SF. Here's a map of the route we took.  It's a good thing I love walking.


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