Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Returning to the Homeland

I can't believe it's been two years since we last visited the Magic Kingdom! Jeff and I took a long needed trip to Disneyland last weekend with my friend Andrea and her boyfriend, Phuc.  We did the SoCal two day pass, but the second day at CA Adventure was cut short by exhaustion, and crankiness with the malfunctioning registers at all the food places.  Still, it was an awesome weekend! 
Can you believe this is only the second time we visited DL with my large camera? I got my camera and used it for the first time on my last trip to DL in 2010!

Eating meat off of bones. Hell ya, we got turkey legs! (Me and Andrea in homemade tanks)

And they tasted as amazing as they look.

Andrea and Phuc were a little over zealous with the turkey legs. FYI, one leg is enough for two people!

I love all the wandering entertainment!

Jeff and Phuc on Buzz Lightyear. I must say, I got my best score this time.

Boy, Jeff and I think a lot alike.

A blast from the past. Not my best moment... :D.

One of the best rides! I dare you to leave your hands up!

The only ride that makes me nervous. We have to fast pass this one bc I don't like to be nervous for 60+ minutes. Fun fact, this ride and the next one are the two rides really worth getting a fast pass for. Indiana Jones is the complete opposite. BTW, yes, that's Phuc's mid drift showing!

2012!  Andrea and Phuc are more excited than they appear, I assure you.

Another blast from the past, 2010!

One of the things I love most about DL is how it's a totally different place at night. You'd think that by hour 10, you'd be sick of all the happy, but this place transforms as the sun sets. Things you never noticed in the day are illuminated and you feel the magic all over again, like the first time you walk under the bridge onto Main Street USA. It's 16 hours of excitement and bliss!

Speaking of Main Street USA...

The glowing orbs of Tomorrowland.

How every trip to DL should end, exhausted, but pushing through for one last ride on Space Mountain!

One last blast from the past, we're in the back row. Hmm, we tend to show our husky pride when we go to DL...

This is the coolest stuffed toy at DL. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It still looks neat every time I look at it. It totally feels like you're in the book The Giver and you see in black and white. We hope to continue the adventure again very soon!


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