Thursday, September 22, 2011

Business trippin

At SAN 7:30 am, 9/22
Off to SF again, this time for a conference/training workshop for work. So far we're off to a foggy start as I am delayed at the airport for two hours due to, you guessed it, fog in SFO. Oh well. No big deal since I can't check in to my hotel until 3 pm and SAN has free wifi. (Kenneth from 30 Rock: [to Jack] "Fort Myers and Cincinnati. Didn't you learn your airport codes in high school?")

Me and my stuff. This is usually what I have when I fly, except, one thing is missing, and it's a pretty big deal for me to leave it at home. Can you guess what it is? Click the photo to enlarge.

At SFO, 12:55 pm, 9/22
Just arrived at my hotel. Weather is beautiful here. I'm starving because I skipped breakfast and my day is 2 hours behind schedule. I'm updating as I grab a quick solo lunch in the hotel dining room, then back to my office for the next four days. See below.

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