Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mon

While we were in San Francisco, we stayed with my uncle and his family in San Ramon. I love my cousins and it's such a treat to spend time with them when I can. Since we wrapped up our business in SF on schedule, Jeff and I joined my uncle's family at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Sunday, "the Mon" as Matthew (almost 6 years old) calls it for short. As in, "Hey Desiree, you want to go to the Mon?"
Matthew posing for me.
Some background about the Mon: the water in the aquarium is circulated in from the Pacific Ocean. Because the water is circulated the nutrients, and critters that live in the ocean help sustain the kelp forest (partially pictured above). This kelp forest is one of the most successfully sustained aquarium forests.
The weekend we were there, they opened the remodeled deep sea exhibit containing the sunfish (above) hammerheads, and a small great white shark.
A pair of cuddling cuttlefish.
Matthew and his elder sister, Samantha.
Me, Matthew, and Jeff.
Just the boys, now.
Matthew and his eldest sister, Abby.
Matthew hamming it up for the camera.


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