Thursday, May 5, 2011


As the title suggests, I will be MIA for the next few months while I study for the California Bar.  This means I will not be doing a lot of posting here, but I will try to post some pictures from photography practice since it is the one thing I'm allowing myself to do to keep myself sane. 

Also, for people trying to get in contact with me via phone, chat, text, or email, I am only checking my phone once after class (around 12-2 depending on how late I get out) and once before bed around 10 (when I obsessively check to make sure my daily alarm is working on my phone) otherwise, NO PHONE. So the best way to contact me if you have something important to communicate to me is through email since I will be using my computer during class. My only exception is my aunt, for all other information, use your best discretion. I will try to get back to you right away, but you may not hear from me until the weekend.

I can see how one might think that this is overkill. I can see how one might think that this is an over-reaction. But, unless you've taken and passed the California Bar, I don't care about your opinion, and even then, good for you, but this is how I'm doing it. The timing for the next 7 months is crucial for our careers and passing the bar is a biggie in the timeline.  I'm willing to lose a few fickle friends over it.  I approach the Bar like getting married: 

Do it once, do it right, NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN.

That said, stay tuned for photos, and I think I have some exciting news to post about later this spring, so check back.


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