Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Friday {Speech to Text-STT}

So I got a new phone finally. My BB was dying on me-- it was way too slow and the battery lasted about half a day, so by the time I would use it to make a call, I'd have to plug it in. That's not much for a "mobile" phone.

I switched to the Android platform which has been great, but that's not the point if this post. I want o share some of the funny things my phone thinks I'm saying.

Me: "Send text to Neha Jaiswal"
Phone: "I need hard cheese wall."

Me: "Send email to Neha Jaiswal: Hello"
Phone: "Nate ha geez lol hello"

Me: "Send email to Jeffrey O: Look what Surely did"
Phone try1: "L word shirley dead!"
Phone try 2: "Free adult look what Shirley did."
Phone try 3: "Free ohh look what shirley did"

So if you get strange looking messages from me, cut me some slack!

I also downloaded a bunch of different camera apps. Since my phone is only 3.2 megapixels (the same as my first digital camera 7 years ago) I'm not trying to capture great shots. I figure fun retro camera apps would be appropriate for phone pictures. They upload to my Picasa, but here's some from the other day.


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