Monday, December 6, 2010


This is my LAST set of finals in school EVER!!! (Any past inclinations of returning to school are thoroughly chilled, at least for a few years) I have an incurable case of heavy senioritis, hence posting this instead of studying for tax right now. I have some new pictures, but no time to upload, edit, and post them, so, for now, this post is to serve as an update to friends and family (I am still alive) and a look back at the holidays during my first year of law school. (Old pictures from my point and shoot, and BB, SOOC)

Snow in OC was a bad sign, we should have turned around after waiting 2 hours dead stopped on I-5 to be escorted through the mountains. In LA.

Surely and Maeby were 5 months old. I LOVE their jackets, judge me I don't care!

We made a quick layover in San Ramon to visit my Uncle's family. Maeby checking out a dog for the first time.

It snowed so bad they closed I-5, we were stuck in Washington's Mexico for 2 nights, just waiting to hear if it was ok to get moving.
Here's Portland when we could finally get moving again.

Here's Vancouver, WA. Clearly there's a reason Washington is better than Oregon. 

A nice white Christmas when we arrived.
And then we had to turn around and head back. We lost 4 days due to weather (arrived late and left early.) The weather was better, and we only had to make one stop in Oregon for gas. There's no way to keep going, we've tried. We stopped at my uncle's house again since we were ahead of schedule. We took my cousins to the Oakland zoo for new years eve day, and drove home after. Made it to our door by 11:47 pm.
Matthew is so cute! Aren't they a great looking bunch! 

Jeff doesn't know how to give piggy back rides, but this works.

And on the way back, just as I thought we would make it with plenty of time to spare, we encountered this strange cloud, which lasted for 4 hours of driving, 40 mph.

New photos of food, projects, portraits, and holiday stuff coming December 22! Stay tuned.
BTW, I have been uploading photos to picasa here directly from my phone in case you want to know what I've been seeing lately. 


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