Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turn that frown upside down

It's no secret that I didn't love Southern Japan. I've decided to turn that memory from a sour taste in my mouth to a sweet treat! Here are some of my favorite shots, remixed.

View of city behind Himeji Castle

Details of the roof

Peace Festival getting underway.

Miyajima Island
Itsukushima Shrine

Low tide

Roof tops

I can cross this off my bucket list! Live whale shark with a posse! 

Massive Alaskan king crab

The iconic red ferris wheel atop the Hep 5 building.

A month from now, when I'm back in school, sitting in Bus. Orgs. and hating my life, I can look back at these pictures fondly and reminisce about my month in Japan. 

Today, we leave to start the last half of the trip. This is the meat of it. A majority of the items on my "things to do list" are coming up. Including Disneyland Tokyo, Pearl Island, and Harajuku just to name a few.


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