Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Adventure is out there!"

Written August 9, 15:30

Courtesy of Google Images

This is a line from one of my favorite Disney movies, Up. This was how I felt when we left for Trip 2 to Southern Japan. I was eager and refreshed. I was excited to experience Japanese culture and embrace the dramatic history of this part of Japan. But by the end of our day in Hiroshima, I felt the same sentiment as the beloved Russell from Up when he said,"...the wilderness isn't quite what I expected it to be."

Hiroshima on August 6
Yes, this was a "Desiree Must See". Yes, I knew it would be crowded with tourists. Yes, I knew it would be very hot. I was well prepared to deal with all of these hassles for a chance to witness what all the travel guides, magazines, and websites boasted to be a moving spectacle of hope and peace--thousands of paper lanterns made by school children lit and afloat the river along the A-Bomb Dome. This was going to be my shot of the entire trip! Imagine my disappointment when I fought past hundreds of tourists in 98 degree heat to capture this.
Peace Festival at the river adjacent to the A-Bomb Dome, August 6, 2010

Really, it's not a bad shot. I could tweak it in photoshop to vastly improve it, but that's not what I'm about. I want shots to tell the story, but with the honesty of my capabilities, not just a pretty picture. Believe me, I strive for the pretty picture too. I guess the truth to this story is that while thousands came, only this many (lanterns) participated. It could be due to the passing of time, or a change in generations, or political change. For whatever the reason, the symbolism of floating hope for peace has died down. 

Slightly Edited image of the same scene.


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