Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SoCal Week 2

I'm at the SFO for the third time in as many weeks writing this entry. Last weekend, I was in SAN for my company's day at the races. BTW, I will only be referring to cities by their airport code from now on.

All this traveling cannot be good for my digestion. I eat more than I normally would in a week when I travel for two day. For the next, possibly three weeks, I will be cutting back and trying to eat normally.

I spent a lovely, but glutenous day with Andrea from our Riverside office. We started at Hash House for a belated birthday brunch for me. How sweet!

Here are Andrea's crazy huge french toast.

For perspective, here's the toast with Andrea.

My delicious Hash with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and potatoes (and two eggs over medium, and a rosemary biscuit)

After the races, we went to dinner at Cafe Bleu, one of my favorite spots in SAN. We ordered the same thing, it looked too good to pass up.

The "surf and turf". Filet mignon and jumbo shrimp and scallops.

And as if we were totally full from all the eating over a short span of time, we ended the day at Heaven Sent Dessert.

I had the chocolate hazelnut bomb, which was rich and thick all the way through.

Andrea opted for the more sensible Stawberry Frisee. It was a great day!

This week, I'm back for work and I have my game face on, so I don't think I'll have anything exciting to post, maybe I'll post some updated "headshots" that I have to take for a thing for the SD County Bar. Maybe.

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