Thursday, July 7, 2011

These days, I'm a little green

Every term, since I started law school, about a week before finals, I stop cold in my reviewing for about five to ten minutes, and stare at my cats. For five to ten minutes, I am filled with serious envy. I fantasize about how fantastic it must be to be my cat, and what my life would be like if I could be a cat (and not have to study or take tests).  I don't fantasize about being just any cat though, I fantasize about trading places with my cat. I'll be the first to say it, they're spoiled rotten. Now, I'm three weeks away from the Bar, and I'm starting to turn a little green...

Last week after one of the lectures, the prof gave a pep talk that made the whole 7 hours worth sitting through. He told us about a supposed study that said that the average income in the US is more than most people in the world make, or something very similar, the numbers aren't important (sorry, there's no more room in my brain to remember superfluous things.) The point was, no matter how awful the Bar review process is, most people in the world want to trade places with us. Perspective is a very powerful thing. There was more to his talk and it was all very helpful. But at the risk of sounding ungrateful for my opportunities, while the world is envying me, I am envying my cats.

Surely is my champion lounger!

Maeby is my classy sleeper. 

In case you're wondering, Surely is the top three, and Maeby is the bottom three--I realize it's hard to tell them apart in the black and white.


Olga says:
at: July 8, 2011 at 11:31 AM said...

Stay strong - you're almost done! I know you'll kick ass!

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