Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Agenda

Most people know, I'm a doer, not a sit-around-and-wait-for-things-to-happener. If there's something I don't know, I'll look it up. If there's something I need, I'll make it myself. For the last 6 years, every December has been the same struggle to find the perfect planner. I do use my electronic calendar (iCal synced to goggle cal and phone) but that's only for when I'm out already, on the road, pulling up directions. The old fashioned paper planner is the ready deal. If you are penned in, considered it done.  Last February, after I already broke down and bought a $30 one that I could customize, but still didn't quite fit my needs, I found the perfect (ready made) planner by Real Simple $17. 

An easy month for me looks like this:
With the simultaneous view, I have everything at my fingertips without flipping all over the place. But still, this planner doesn't fully fit my needs for planning finances, projects, dinners, events, and goals. Oh well, doesn't matter because I've been scouring the interwebs and Target for the last 2 months for the same planner, but no luck. The weeks were running down, and January was just around the corner,  I had no choice but to make my own. To be honest, I was kind of dreading it because of all the miscellaneous steps and waiting for Kinkos. I like projects that I can start an finish without leaving the house. I'm the kind of person that will start and finish a twin sized quilt in 3 days, only stopping because it gets to late to be using my noisy sewing machine.

To my surprise, it turns out, it was easy and SO FUN! This one above is for a friend, in fact I have a few for a few friends (which is why I had to wait to post this). I figured out after my first two attempts that I can't use Mod Podge on the lokta paper because it bleeds and looks uneven when dried. See mine below.
I'm not happy with the bleeding, but I love the paper, and I'll get over it. (I'm particular, not perfect.)  Check out the inside.

The other planner had a section for Notes at the bottom of the month page, but I usually never write notes in my planner. (If I did, there would be no space by the second week, hence the abundance of post-its.) I like listing events at the bottom instead, especially since I plan to have a few fun get-togethers this year. 
The week view is great, but I also need to make plans day-to-day. So I set up a daily "to-do" area for dinner and SM posts. 
Since our income doesn't come bi-weekly, we have to take care of monthly expenses with big expected expenses in mind to stay off the credit cards at the end of the term. This "Expenses" section is perfect for even and safe spending.

One of my other needs is a place for planning big projects to do during my breaks, like for example, creating and constructing a new planner. I use a journal to write down ideas, but I'm not as good at carrying that around. I am good at always bringing my wallet, phone, and planner. So here are my end of the term lists.

No planner is complete without my beloved post-its.


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