Sunday, October 10, 2010

{Wild Animal Park} Date Day continued

Some highlights from the first half of date day on Friday. Our first trip to the Wild Animal Park was in August two years ago. What a mistake! It was super hot, and extra crowded. That experience totally turned me off to the Park. Looks like the best time to go is a Friday in October. The weather was a perfect 76 degrees, and the largest group of people was an elementary class on a field trip.

The Wild Animal Park in Escondido is over 900 acres (most zoos are 100 acres) of preserved, undeveloped California rugged terrain, and that's only half of the entire park. The Park is dedicated to conservation and species rehabilitation. If you're in the Escondido area of San Diego County, this is a must see! Just remember some good walking shoes!
Baby flamingos!

 Many of the animals that don't pose a risk of escape or danger to the visitors are in open areas. It's like being among the animals in their natural environment.

Californian Condor
There's another glass viewing area about 6 feet behind the Rover where you can get up close to the other female and male lions.

These African crown cranes are so cool!

If you want to learn more about donating online, visit here!


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