Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brief Update

I've been incredibly busy packing everything into this last week. Here's a very brief update on what I've been doing.
Mikimoto Pearl Island

Gozan Fire Festival, Kyoto
Every August 16, this "festival" is held to say goodbye to the visiting spirits of the ancestors. The hillsides are lit up with these characters saying goodbye. The view from Professor Mori's flat in Kyoto after a BBQ.

Nara Park (aka Deer Park) & Todaiji, Nara
The deer are spiritually cleansing and legally protected. This temple houses a huge Buddha statue

Heijo Palace (1300 year anniversary), Nara
This year is the 1300 year anniversary of when Nara was the capital of Japan. The Palace below was the Emperor's home back in 710!

Horyuji Temple, Nara
The oldest temple in the world. The first temple is believed to have been completed in the year 607.

Asakusa, Tokyo
Old town in a small neighborhood in Tokyo. Us with the famous, iconic huge lantern.

Imperial Garden, Tokyo
Part of the palace of the current Emperor. Lush gardens in the middle of the city. Like Central Park, but smaller with neat wildlife.

Ginza, Tokyo
Most expensive area in the world. Didn't seem as dense as 5th Ave in NY, but definitely big and expensive.

Shinjuku, Tokyo
Hip, urban neighborhood in Tokyo.


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