Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Uncharacteristically Under-Planning, Characteristically Organized

I've been busy planning for Japan, and I'm waaaay behind in learning Japanese. My plan for the trip is to see everything. That's it. No daily itineraries, no minute by minute play for enjoying temples, then parks, then shopping. For me, that's quite a leap of faith. The way I see it, I loved my NY trip and all I did was make a mental list of things that I had to see. I really couldn't plan the trip better myself. My schedule is general, flexible, and very organized. Since there is very little wifi in Japan, we are without our best resources, so were traveling old school with a map, backpack, and train schedule. If I can cover NY in 4 half days, I can do Japan in a month (it's very close to the size of CA).

I've been using Numbers in the iWork suite. Why didn't I discover this sooner! Look how nice my map looks! I made that (the circled regions and the corresponding calendar)! This is the first page of three for the planning, the other two deal with hotel possibilities and information, food location and information, packing lists there and back.
If you've been to Japan, or have read about it, or want to go, what do you recommend I "must see" (or eat)? I want input and tips for this once in a probably-really-long-time adventure! Let me know!


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