Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travel Thursday {NY Part 2}

In NY Part 1, I mentioned the beginning of Fashion Week. On the first night, all the major retailers on 5th, and I think all the stores around lower Manhattan, celebrate Fashion Night Out (FNO). The stores offer small discounts (not enough to make the clothes close to reasonable for normal people) and hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Bergdorf Goodman had the Olsen twins bar tending, Saks (on 5th Ave!) gave away mini champagne bottles, and Tiffany's rolled out the blue carpet!
Soft Blue carpet around the perimeter of the store. Two models at each door. In the top picture to the far left is a Tiffany's coffee cart giving away free drinks. My friend and I saw the event from across the street and couldn't resist. Everyone was crowded around the entrance but not going in, I think we all thought it was a special event. I figured, we had nothing to lose, so my friend and I just walked in, if it was a special event, they could just throw us out. So glad we did!

These are handmade artisan truffles, you can pick whatever you like, I had self restraint and only picked the three. The women before me picked about 8 each! The blue one is a champagne truffle with gold foil, the orange one was shaped like a diamond, it was Grand Marnier, and the green one was my favorite, ginger strawberry.

In line to get a drink, we caught one of the waiters with petite fours, vanilla and raspberry.

More shops and fashion tents:
Blurry, there was a lot to see in this corner and the weather was bad. This was a tent for some designer jean company.

Due to the economic down turn, the Staten Island Ferry was free! We took a round trip to see the Statute of Liberty. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Here are the photos from my trip with Jeff, the weather was better.
New Jersey Manhattan Brooklyn

My good friend from college, Dori, works at the Museum of Modern Art and was kind enough to give me a private mini tour of the museum after hours in my first trip and a free pass to the museum on my second trip. Thank you, Dori!!

There was tons to see! Check picasa for my pictures from my second trip with Jeff.


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