Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travel Thursday {NY Part 1}

Finally! The long awaited (by my mom) NY post(s). This is the first installment of three picture-filled posts about NY. (To be posted on Travel Thursday) Last September I had the good fortune of being selected to attended the National LGBT Conference in Brooklyn, NY. Though it was only for a short period, four days, I saw almost everything I wanted to see AND attended the conference events. This was my first trip to NY (and the East Coast), and on top of that, CWSL paid for the flight, conference fees, my king suite, and food! I've never been picked for anything, and quite frankly, if this was my due, I'm glad I got picked for this! On top of that, Jeff had a business trip to NY the following month, so I tagged along on that trip too. Here are my photos from both trips.

My first trip was from September 9-13th. Best time to be in NY in the fall! I enjoyed the beginning of Fashion Week and went to Ground Zero on 9/11.

Main entrance to Fashion Week in Bryant Park! If you've watched the latest season of Kell on Earth, or Real Housewives of NY (my guilty pleasures) you'll recognize the front facade. I did see Alex and Simon of the Real Housewives the next day, they walked right passed me! They're both very petite!
I saw this guy (guy in green bowler) outside the tent, I didn't know who he was at the time, but he looked like he would be someone on TV. Turns out he's Patrick McDonald of Bravo's Launch my Line. See here. This one's better.

Since my friend and I were visiting for the first time, and we had no idea where anything was, (we also didn’t think it would be smart to pull out a map and look vulnerable) we followed landmarks and famous streets and just took in the sights. It’s crowded, and sometime it feels like salmon swimming upstream, but something about the closeness to other people felt really friendly and inviting. Also, New Yorkers are hands down, the NICEST people I’ve ever met! (And their tap water is the best water in the country- true story)
Radio City and around the corner to NBC
Rockefeller Center
NBC News (I watch the Today Show every morning when I'm getting ready). 30 Rock man.
"Love" sculpture and the famous Russian Tea Room

Time Square! (Dori begrudgingly posing with me :))
9/11 is still heavily present in NY, not just on 9/11, but everywhere in the city. It was clear that that day is permanently engraved as part of the history, and reminders can be found scattered throughout Manhattan. There wasn’t a depressed feeling, but rather a quiet calm as people look back joyfully remembering their loved ones. It was more about remembering people lost, more than the violent acts of terrorism.

Ground Zero
Setup in the hotel lobby on 9/11
Bouquets were weaved into the fence for lost loved ones. Someone posted this man's story.
This fire station is across the street (more like a wide pedestrian walkway) from Ground Zero.

On the side of the fire station, there is a bronze memorial the entire length of the block.

The Empire State Building:
Empire State Building lobby. 
Oh boy! This is long, and there are a ton more photos. I may upload all the pictures to Picasa too.


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