Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tasty Tuesday {Or Not}

While Tuesdays are normally reserved for Tasty Tuesday (a picture and a delicious recipe), I did a food post yesterday. So I'm shaking it up and recapping my Saturday. The East side was HOT last weekend!

Neha's Bridal Shower
Unfortunately a lot of my photos from the bridal shower were blurry, but here are some less blurry ones.

I got her a spa package. It includes: 30 min milk and honey hydrotherapy bath, 1 hour massage, and ME! I got one for myself too, since we both have birthdays coming up...

Yes, I made the card.

Kelly, Neha's mother-in-law to be, made delicious red velvet cupcakes. (There's more in the back!)

Neha (center) with her cousins, also the bridesmaid, Seema (left) and maid of honor, Kushboo (right)
Neha with the groom after and game of "pin the kiss". (I was one of three winners! Mine is the one closest to the bottom lip)
Girls after the traditional toilet paper wedding dress competition. My group's dress is the classic V-neck on the far right. We should have won!
Neha with her ribbon bouquet after presents
Congratulations again, Neha! Can't wait for the parties!

Alison's Quilt
Did I mention that it was hot in the East side last weekend! We did maternity photos, but it was so damn hot I was kind of blind shooting. I set my AEB exposure to over and under and tried to work on getting the right angles, instead of adjusting exposure. Needless to say, the shots turned out good, not great, so I'm editing...still.

I finished the quilt in three days this February! It's half the size it's intended to be (queen size).
The bottom is flannel--soft and warm for a baby.
It's quite lofty.


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