Monday, June 7, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday {Early Birthday Dinner}

Jeff is leaving for Japan in a week and a half, so we had my birthday dinner early this year with Nicole and Brooks...a 5 course tasting at the GRANT GRILL! Unfortunately, the dinning room was dark and it was difficult to get a clear shot, so these are blurry.

Amuse-bouche: Best bite of fish taco ever!
First Course: Sausage, arugula, pistachio, and pureed potatoes.
 Second Course: Ahi Tuna steak with green beans, and red potato (looks like sausage, but tasted like a chip)
Third Course: Rare Colorado Bison with spinach, corn, and chick peas. Served with a complimentary glass of Napa Merlot.
Fourth Course: (My favorite) Spice bread (toasted) with stone fruit, and sharp cheese on apricot puree.
Fifth Course: Lemon shortcake with fresh whipped cream, real maraschino cherries, and pistachio ice cream. Also, complimentary dessert wine--a cold wine by Wayne Gretzky No. 99. (Really sweet and fruity)

Until the end of the meal, I felt just right. I think all that food mixed with the gimlet, red wine, and dessert wine made me feel quite "woozy"! Now Nicole and I are off to start bootcamp this week and work off those courses!


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