Saturday, March 20, 2010

The storm is passing

This week had greater than usual rigors, but fantastic food and weather to minimize the stress. Just a few photos of some of my perks, I forgot to take pictures of the Front Porch, and wild boar spring rolls, though. You'll have to excuse the quality, these were taken on my BB in dark places and the flash is a little unflattering.

I'm a little reluctant to post about this find. The Wet Stone is a little hole in the wall wine bar near my school. They have the best sangrias anywhere, superb food, and friendly service. I would hate for too many people to find out about this gem and pack the house when I want to go.
 Grilled pork belly on crostini with horseradish. This was melt in your mouth amazing!

Mini Mousse in dark chocolate sauce with candied kumquat. This was the lightest, airiest, mousse I've ever had. I cleaned my plate.

All natural strawberry cupcake. My boss brought in these delightful little cupcakes. They are all natural, no preservatives. They were pretty good, but with all that rich butter creme, I highly doubt they were anywhere near healthy.

To top it off, I've been spending two hours on Fridays getting some sun by the pool and reviewing notes. Can't complain about not having a spring break when you live in San Diego.


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