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This post is long overdue, I know. For the last 10 months, I had a plan for this post, but in the last three weeks, my circumstances have changed so much that this post looks nothing like I imagined it would. Bare with me, this is a LONG post.
So the good news is...
I passed the bar. The title of this post is my bar number in the state of CA. 
I had the honor of getting sworn in as an attorney by Judge William McCurine. I worked with him a lot during my time as a student and I've learned a lot of invaluable lessons about courtesy and professionalism from his example.  It was a real honor because this was a special favor to me. Judge McCurine only swears in new attorneys three or four times a year and they are usually his clerks.

 Officially an attorney!

(Left to right) Judge McCurine, me, and Bob (one of the partners at my firm) (BTW, Jeff is taking the picture)

I swore in on December 1, and on December 2, I swore into the Southern District of CA with all my other friends that ALSO PASSED THE BAR!

Nicole taking the Oath of Professional Responsibility       Me swearing into the Southern District

Dory and Meesh taking the Oath of Professional Responsibility.

Me and Dory celebrating over lunch and complementary champagne at George's in La Jolla. 

My firm is sending me to San Francisco to open and manage their new SF office, hence all my trips to SF in the last few months. I’m finally starting to settle down. At least I’m in the zip code I plan to spend most of my adult life in. Also, Jeff was hired at a biotech firm based out of SF. 
And this is where I originally planned to end my post. This was the big announcement. But that would be too easy...
Now for the bad news. 
The company that Jeff is working for wants him to work in SD instead of SF. Originally, they were going to let him work remotely from SF and travel to SD once a week to accommodate us, but on his third (out of four) interview the SF team liked him too much. The company is worried that the SF team will monopolize too much of his time, and they want him to focus on the SD project, since they are going to model all their other firms on the SD model.
Where I am now.
So the plan is to be in different zip codes again. At least this time, we’re in the same state!  I just got approved for a tiny studio in lower nob hill, and Jeff and the cats are moving to PB. I notoriously hate PB, but he can tolerate it. I will be carless, at least for a while. I’m playing with some different alternatives for transportation out of the city, like when I have to go to courts in different counties. It’s definitely to my advantage to be carless and catless in SF as a renter. While we are almost doubling our monthly expenses, we are still within budget for our apartments- we’re paying the same or a little less than we would if we were living in a one bedroom in SF. So, even though we’ll have three apartments to kick off the new year with, at least we aren’t breaking the bank. 
At first, I was scared to do this alone. I’m still overwhelmed, but I’m usually overwhelmed, I’m not usually scared. Over the last three weeks, I’ve either gotten used to it, or grown balls because I’m ready to go. Fear has never been a reason for me to not do something. So I’m going. Alone. And yes, I know there is the phone, and the ipad, and chat, but when’s the last time you lived alone in a city where you don’t have friends or co-workers? I can’t just call up Nicole and say, "let’s get happy hour on Friday". Or say to Jeff, "let’s watch a movie tonight". I can see some lonely days and nights ahead, but I can also see a lot of great food, culture, and photo opps, and potential
I’m thinking that this blog is going to change a bit too. I’m guessing that with the lack of social contact I’ll be having, there will be more personal posts. I guess, as I evolve, so does this blog. I will get back to this blog, but for now, please excuse my absence and inconsistency as I pack and move us.


Joey says:
at: December 28, 2011 at 8:13 AM said...

Have a safe move Desiree and congratulations again. I can't imagine how difficult it is to move to a city alone where you don't know many people but I know you'll do great; you always do!

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