Monday, June 27, 2011

We Celebrate Against All Odds

I just want to give a shout out to all my friends that sent me well wishes, and helped me celebrate my birthday last week!
Chocolate bars from World Market. I made the labels with my Silhouette.

Despite the stress of the Bar looming a month ahead and Jeff being out of town, I had an AMAZING night out with the girls.  Oh man, was it relaxing to be in good company and just laugh a real laugh!

We went to Korean BBQ and I didn't do any of the cooking, thanks to Mama Dory!!!
Various types of meats: steak, prime rib, short ribs, pork belly, baby octopus.

Nicole got me the BEST CHEESECAKE EVER! A raspberry white chocolate swirl from the Incredible Cheesecake Company. Crystal also got me a decadent mango cupcake with cream cheese frosting, not pictured because I ate it for breakfast and forgot to take a picture. Yummmm.

It's so nice to be surrounded by caring and thoughtful people. I try to remember moments like these and how good it feels when someone does something nice for me. It inspires me to do nice things for other people when I can.  Given that all the girls that came out are studying for the Bar as well and under the same tremendous pressure, I truly appreciate everyone's time and making my birthday fun!


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