Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Acts of Blah, Blah, Blah

I received some really nice feedback from a friend that was recently introduced to SurelyMaeby the last week and it really made my day. We started talking about how, at this stressful point in our lives, it's difficult to stay positive. It really made me think about how doing this strange thing of sharing my daily little nothings with the world has changed my outlook.

Writing this blog has been like having a kid around all the time; you don't swear (well, at least not the major curse words), you don't gossip, and you try to keep things entertaining.  Because of SM I have been forced to look for the positive in order to post about something.  I choose to air out my grievances quietly and privately.  It doesn't take a computer tech to know that pretty much anything you put on the internet is there for good. And, seriously, not everyone needs to know/cares that I'm so over con law today!

So as a way to "pay it forward", "do a random act of kindness", "spread the wealth", whatever you want to call just doing something thoughtful for someone else, I made my friends a little grow kit. The nice feedback made me feel great and I just wanted to say thanks. Have you made someone's day recently?

What my friends have to look forward to. 


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