Thursday, April 14, 2011

Night Time Gardner

The title of the post and the photos seem a bit conflicting, I know.  Since I was working full time up until last week, the only opportunities I had to tend to my plants was after work, well after the sun set, hence the title.  For 6 weeks, I have been planting seeds and turning my unused balcony into a summery oasis.

It started like this:
Almost all of my gardening stuff is from Target's awesome dollar aisle, including the grow kits.

Then went like this:

And now it looks like this:
Snow peas grow incredibly fast! This is how big it is after two weeks from planting.
Yup, I made these plant markers. The markers were $1 for 5 with a permanent marker from Target. I curse myself for only buying 2 packs, cuz now they're out.  I used scrapbook paper, a mini xyron and my label maker.

We added storage, which actually looks a little different than this photo now:

And we added a comfy patio set, another steal from Target:

You can find me parked here while I study for the next three months.


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