Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday {Sending Jeff Off}

I drove Jeff to the airport early this morning. Now I finally feel like the dream is about to become a reality. I've been reading books, but up until now, it just felt like another one of my many interests being served, not the practicality of learning about my travel destination. I will begin planning itineraries and travel logistics this week. I figured that I'd wait to hear the report from Jeff about weather, proper clothes, and packing before I start making plans. Can't wait, my iGoogle has a countdown set for my departure date!

Jeff is taking the two smaller suitcases and I'm taking the huge one. We're packing light, I anticipate I'll only use about half of my suitcase. We're planning on bringing some stuff back, so we'll need the extra room.

I got a new camera bag for my dSLR (the p&s is for size reference). My old one was small and square. It did not sit very well on me. This one is nice and flat. There's room for my camcorder and purse stuff. We'll be on foot for most of the trip with just our backpacks, so I want something I can wear with the backpack.


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