Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Friday {I Spy}

New segment: Things I'm Looking Forward to this Weekend
Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend and in our conversation, I was telling him about the things I'm looking forward to soon. He said, "you're like me, I think about the little things that I'm looking forward to, sometimes when it's over, I'm sad because there's nothing left to look forward to." So true. 

As a reminder to count my many blessings,  here's what I'm looking forward to this weekend:
1. Giving Neha her bridal shower and birthday gift.
2. Finally giving Nhu Allie's quilt.
3. Finally posting pictures of Allie's quilt
4. Taking some maternity portraits of Nhu and Quang
5. My birthday dinner at the Grant Grill

Now for you to count down the minutes to the weekend...

Click on the image to make larger.

I Spy: a pink star, the letter "D", four birds, brown snowflakes, the letter "B", my pal, a mouse, little fish,  and a gorilla with a banana.



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