Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Neha and Adam

Congratulations to Neha and Adam on their pending nuptials! I finally received their elegant, bright, and large invitation. As I've mentioned before, I love receiving snail mail. Especially for something as significant as a wedding, an evite, or Facebook invitation just won't do, that includes using such sites for gathering mailing address. {Quick tip: use google docs here to gather mailing and contact information from friends and family to save time, this fills in a spreadsheet automatically as your guest respond.}

Neha opted for the classic ivory and gold scheme as a base for her collection of documents, but added bold colors to the actual invitation.

The invitations are bigger than a DVD, and very sturdy. I love heavy cardstock! I also love the details--"Neha weds Adam..." Another unique feature: the invitation is resealable and protected from dirty mailbags by a clear plastic envelope. 

The whole packet:

The colors of the invitation are bright, modern and tasteful, much like the use of script and plain font in gold.

Neha made good use of space and reduced superfluous paper by printing maps on the back of each invitation.

Response cards:

Needless, to say I look forward to attending both celebrations, again congratulations to Neha and Adam!


Neha says:
at: May 18, 2010 at 6:11 PM said...

Wow, I am sending this to my mom. She was the one who picked out the invitations. All credit goes to her. Appreciate the post!

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