Friday, March 12, 2010

Shake it up and Smooth it out

Today was the first sunny, warm, perfect day of the year, at least, the first I've enjoyed this year. Something about the sunshine and warmth makes me crave healthy, fresh food. The idea of smoothies have always turned me off. I don't enjoy blended bananas, or yogurt--the whole thing is just not that enjoyable. A few months ago, my friend Nicole introduced me to acai bowls. The smoothie part is made with the berry and apple juice, instead of milk, yogurt, or banana. It's topped with fresh fruit, and crunchy granola.

I couldn't find frozen acai berries, so I used frozen blueberries, which, like the acai berry, is incredible anti-oxidant rich. In my version, I used bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, low fat Trader Joe's granola with almonds, and topped it off with some honey. Of course you can add any fruit you like, I think kiwis too next time.

Tip: the apple juice is just to wet the mixture, add it little by little, if you want it thicker, add a little bit more fruit. There really is no measuring, just add to taste!


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